Description: is an online multiplayer drawing and guessing game that allows players to showcase their artistic skills. With a simple and intuitive interface, players can easily create and join custom rooms or participate in public rooms to play with other users from around the world.


The gameplay of revolves around drawing and guessing different words within a specific time limit. Each player takes turns to be the artist, who receives a random word to draw on the canvas provided. The artist must draw the assigned word using the various tools available, such as brushes and colors, while other players attempt to guess the word before time runs out.

The guessing players can enter their answers in the chatbox, and once a correct guess is made, points are awarded to both the artist and the guesser. The faster a word is guessed, the more points the guesser receives. Points accumulated throughout the game contribute to the player's overall score. offers different modes to suit various preferences. The Classic mode is where players take turns being the artist, while in the Thematic mode, everyone draws the same theme simultaneously. The Random mode assigns a random player as the artist, and the teams mode allows players to collaborate in teams to create their drawings.


User-Friendly Interface

The game interface of is designed to be simple and user-friendly, allowing players to easily navigate and participate in the game without any complications. The drawing tools are easily accessible, and the chatbox provides a platform for players to communicate and interact during the game.

Customizable Rooms

Players have the option to create custom rooms where they can invite friends or set specific rules and themes to enhance their gameplay experience. They can also join public rooms with players from all over the world for a more diverse and challenging experience.

Diverse Word Collection offers a vast collection of words across multiple categories, ensuring that players never run out of exciting and challenging words to draw and guess. This variety adds an element of unpredictability and creativity to the game.

Competitive Leaderboards

The game keeps track of players' scores and displays them on competitive leaderboards. This allows players to compare their achievements with others, fostering a competitive spirit and motivating them to improve their skills.

Conclusion is an engaging and addictive multiplayer game that combines drawing and guessing in a fun and interactive manner. Whether playing with friends or competing against strangers, the game offers an exciting opportunity to showcase artistic talents, improve guessing skills, and connect with players from all around the world. QA

Which controls are available in Gartic io?

In Gartic io, you typically control your character or object using a blend of keyboard inputs (such as WASD for movement) and mouse controls (for aiming and performing actions). You can also discover additional control options and settings within the in-game menu.

How do I start online gameplay in Gartic io?

To begin playing Gartic io online, just navigate to the game.


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